SGA Training

The comprehensive digital training solution tailored to your business.

SGA has developed a unique and comprehensive training solution available to any organisation that requires training for their staff in any areas of their business. Featuring personalised training content tailored to the requirements of your business, and a cutting-edge online digital learning platform, SGA has a training solution for you, no matter what your business is involved in.

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Analysis of your business model and operational objectives

Review of your procedures and corresponding training requirements in consultation with you

Creation of unique and personalised training content

Setup and integration of your custom Learning Management System (LMS)

Ongoing service with administration support and content updates

Next Level Training

At SGA we ensure the highest standards in training. That’s why our process is supported by three of the utmost leading-edge software programs in the world: With TalentLMS, our authoring platform, we create ground-breaking digital learning content by combining high quality videos, straightforward narrations and voiceovers, quizzes, and engaging interactive content.

Couple this with one-click publishing and seamless integration through TalentLMS's mobile app and desktop experience, we can help you drive your employees towards experiencing the benefits of a unique and personalised learning experience across multiple devices.

TalentLMS is our platform for delivering a personalised and interactive online learning experience, integrating fully responsive e-Learning content that is engaging and enjoyable. We give you the power to stay informed with a secure, trackable and customized LMS for the easiest control over your training.

With one of the most advanced and versatile learning management systems available in the online training sphere, SKG has the ability to take your training to the next level with innovative content designed to inspire an intuitive and revitalised response from your staff.

Featuring a quality reporting framework to not only offer robust integrity throughout any audit but to gain actionable insights into your learning initiatives, plus authoring and administration tools giving you a diverse span of control over your training, TalentLMS is flexible, scalable and reliable, and ought to be a mainstay training solution to add value to your business.

Skill, upskill and reskill your employees with SGA Training and move your business forward with purpose.


SGA has already established solid relationships and provided training solutions to several recognised businesses.


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